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Bishop Mark Kambalazaza was among other Pentecostal Bishops who attended an International Congress for the College of Pentecostal Bishops in Ohio in United States.

The Bishop is a member of Apostolic Association of the College of Pentecostal Bishops of Great Britain and Ireland since 2006, a highly placed source within the ministry’s ranks disclosed.

Archbishop Delano Ellis 2, is the overall head of the college of Pentecostal Bishops based in the USA, Ohio, Cleveland where the congress took place from 22 to 25 March this year.

Right Rev Doye Agama is the overall overseer of Great Britain and Ireland and Bishop Kambalazaza is under his jurisdiction as an executive member.

The congress of Ohio discussed world evangelism, world missions and impact of faith among other subjects.

This article was written by Chimwemwe Kaonga.

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